Pipeline Surveys

Pipeline Surveys

Our experienced field staff can identify the shortest pipeline route with the fewest obstacles, so your process is virtually seamless. Whether it’s a 300-kilometer pipeline or a multi-well tie-in project, we can provide expertise on planning, mapping, as-built surveying and construction. Our plans give you full visibility into all relevant information, conforming to government standards – and yours. We can also liaise with landowners, environmentalists, construction personnel and forest officers to ensure they’re satisfied with your pipeline’s route.

Caltech’s unique approach and comprehensive process to the four fundamental aspects of pipeline surveys is described below.

Route Selection

Utilizing several forms of desktop data such as imagery, LiDAR, cadastral fabric and utility locations we are able to create a conceptual route for your project. An experienced ground truthing team will traverse and verify the selected route, after which adjustments will be made where required to suit ground conditions or other concerns and to ensure the most constructible, cost effective route.

Preliminary Surveys

Our experienced survey crews will follow the proposed pipeline route collecting all of the data required to create maps and drawings for engineering design, regulatory applications, crossing agreements and detailed site plans. The data flows from the field into the GIS and CAD technicians to prepare the final maps and drawings using multi-stage quality control procedures.


From staking through to final as-built, our crews have the experience needed to collect all of the required project data in the safest and most efficient way possible. Our processes and procedures are designed to eliminate costly contractor hold-ups while maintaining the accuracy requirements of the project. Our final turnover package can be tailored to meet the needs of each project whether a single spreadsheet or a complete geodatabase.


With aging infrastructure and ever-changing pipeline regulations, pipeline integrity is paramount. We are able to assist with the correlation of in-line inspection tool data with collected field data and existing as-builts to assist with pipeline data management and locating potential dig sites.